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Products - a.k.a. Software

The Varendorff Records Management Consultancy - TVC represents Synercon Management Consulting in Western Australia & South East Asia with the marketing and local support, including training for the a.k.a. thesaurus & business classification plus retention & disposal software modules from Synercon Management Consulting.

Since the introduction of the a.k.a. thesaurus & business classification module of the product back in 2002 the features and capabilities of the a.k.a. software package has grown in leaps & bounds with the introduction of the ability to export the thesaurus & business classification scheme to an intranet or the www in a HTML format and later the introduction of the linking of the BCS to a retention & disposal software module in 2005 and now in 2007 with the release of version 2.9.4 the ability of the a.k.a. report, import & export modules to provide XML functionality.

XML Technology Enhances a.k.a. Interoperability:

a.k.a. development continues apace and Synercon [the creators of the a.k.a. software] are pleased to announce the release of XML functionality for a.k.a.. This is a tremendous breakthrough which provides significant new functionality for a.k.a. users. Synercon consultants are already developing a range of customised reports for individual clients using the new XSL templates.

What does this mean to the end user of the a.k.a. thesaurus & business classification plus retention & disposal software modules? LOTS!

In the past the writer of the a.k.a. software modules had to personalise the a.k.a. product to integrate with the various EDM, EDRM & ERDMS products out in the real world before full integration & functionality could be achieved. Each time an EDM, EDRM & ERDMS product altered its code [which with some products appeared to be on a weekly basis] additional programming work was required from the a.k.a. software team to keep the two products in sync.

Now with the XML Import / Export capability a.k.a. can now import / export all recordkeeping entities, metadata and relationships from an a.k.a. database into an XML file. This file can be used to transfer a.k.a. to a wide range of target systems, including a.k.a. databases, EDRM and web systems. Further filtering functionality facilitates the transfer of data subsets.

Synercon [the creators of the a.k.a. software] created the a.k.a. XML schema utilised in-house after undertaking an exhaustive worldwide search for an XML schema for recordkeeping metadata suitable for the full functionality required for encoding records classification and disposition elements for a records management - RM schema, but without success. A number of RM schemas were located but none matched the in-depth functionally required for the high level of quality required for the RM task. Terminology for the XML schema utilised in the a.k.a. product was sourced using terminology from ISO 15489 and ISO 2788.

Customised Reporting:

a.k.a. XML functionality enables the production of custom reports using XSL templates which transform data exported in the XML output into MS Word documents. Note: XSLT (Extensible stylesheet language transformation) is a language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents. XSLT is designed for use as part of XSL, which is a stylesheet language for XML.

Reports are generated directly into MS Word where users apply their corporate style sheets, and edit directly into the document. Headers and footers can be applied and table formatting is preserved.

Four standard reports are provided as XSL templates in the initial release. Synercon will transform most of the standard a.k.a. reports and release these as completed through the web site over the next quarter. a.k.a. users can also commission Synercon to develop for individualised reports.

XML report functionality operates with MS Word Professional 2003 or above.

a.k.a. version 2.9 is available as a free download on the a.k.a. website as a demonstration license, or as an upgrade for users with a current Upgrade and Support Contract. A media kit [CD-ROM] is also available from Synercon at a cost of $AUS 50.

Full details on the a.k.a. thesaurus & business classification software is available online @ a.k.a. classification & thesaurus creation software

Full details on the a.k.a. retention & disposal software is available online @ a.k.a. retention & disposal software