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Background in Training and Presentation matters by Laurie Varendorff ARMA

  • Invited speaker at the 2005 September 5-7 PRISM International (Professional Records & Information Services Management) Conference Business Across Borders in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Subject: Offering Commercial Digital Archiving Services - Parts 1 and 2.
  • Provided a presentation in Perth on 26th November 2004 titled - Why the Americans are beating us at Records Management! based on a visit to America and attendance at the ARMA 2004 Conference in Long Beach, California.
  • Presented a speech at the event titled “Records Management: Countdown to March 2004” to representatives from 75 Western Australian Government agencies. The presentation was titled “Why Records Management?” held on the 7th March 2003 by Stamfords Advisors – Consultants.
  • Panellist at two sessions on Electronic RecordKeeping at the Joint National Conference of the Australian Society of Archivists and the Records Management Association of Australia, CONVERGENCE in Hobart 2-5th September 2001.
  • Organised and chaired the Seminar "e-COMMERCE or e-CHAOS? Managing Records in the new millennium" on behalf of the Western Australian Branch of the Records Management Association of Australia “RMAA” held in Perth on 14th June 2000. The Seminar concentrated on the Victorian Electronic Records Strategy the "VERS Report" as its catalyst.
  • Presented a paper for the Western Australian Branch of IIM “Information and Image Management” in July 1998 titled: "Microfilm is Dead - Long Live Imaging".
  • Presented a paper at the Australian Library and Information Association “ALIA” Conference in September 1997 titled: “CD-ROM, the Golden Solution ".
  • An invited speaker at the Association of Records Managers and Administrators “ARMA” International, USA conference held in Anaheim California USA in 1987. The subject "Updateable Computer Output Microfiche in a Facilities Management Information System". (This presentation outlined the system installed at the Water Corporation of Western Australia).
  • In mid 2002 Laurie Varendorff has written course material for the Edith Cowan University - ECU.

    Laurie has written curriculum material for two subjects:

  • Module 5. Document Management for Intranets IST 2118-4118, and
  • Module 7. Electronic Records and Document Management Systems IST 2118-4118, in respect to formulating a new unit, Information Retrieval for the School of Computer and Information Science.
  • From 1998 through 2001 Laurie Varendorff tutored for the subjects of Public Record Keeping for students enrolled Australia wide, in four units as detailed below plus Archival Storage and Preservation for the Edith Cowan University - ECU.

  • History and First Principles;
  • Information Retrieval and Electronic Record Keeping;
  • Preserving Memory;
  • Managing Systems.
  • In February, April and July 2001 Laurie Varendorff formulated and presented a one day workshop titled - Managing Records in the new Millennium:

    The one day workshops addressed the following subjects:

  • Record Keeping Plan - A Guide;
  • Developing a Business Case to meet Western Australian - WA Legislative requirements;
  • Implementing a System, Part one – What do we do?
  • Implementing a System, Part two – How do we achieve our results?
  • During 1999 Laurie Varendorff presented workshops of one week (5) days duration on three (3) occasions titled - Filling the Gap.

    The workshop presentations consisted of nine (9) subjects were as follows:

  • History and Principles of Records Management;
  • Capturing and Classification of Information;
  • Records System Analysis, Design and Implementation;
  • The Law and Records Management;
  • Disposal Scheduling and Developing Annual Archives and Vital Records Programs;
  • Records Management Training and Communications;
  • Managing the Operation of a Records Management Office and Change Management;
  • Designing systems using Business Processes;
  • Implementing an Electronic Document Management System “EDMS”.
  • The course material originally formulated by Records Solutions of Victoria was updated for presentation in Western Australia and in particular the module number 4. The Law and Records Management, was rewritten by Laurie Varendorff to reflect the Western Australian Legislative environment.

    During 1997 Laurie Varendorff was employed by the Western Australian Central Metropolitan College of TAFE located in Perth - Western Australia where he provided presentations in Records Management related topics in respect to:

  • Storage Media, Physical and Electronic and the Related Indexing Requirements plus Document Imaging Processes.
  • These lectures addressed aspects of the History, Evolution and Current Status of these two areas of Records Management activities to students in Library Studies over a period of two Terms in 1997.

    April - 2006 - The Varendorff Consultancy - TVC - Helping clients manage their e-world is providing a presentation titled - Managing the Information Tsunami and Data Deluge - plus a discussion of Microsoft NEW Office 2007 - Is Microsoft’s new ECM package in Office 2007 the answer? - at the Theatrette - Ground Floor - State Library of WA – Alexander Library Building, Cultural Centre, Northbridge - Thursday afternoon 25th May 2006 from 1:30 PM to 3:45 PM.

    If you wish to attend this afternoon event a registration form is available as a .PDF file @ Managing the Information Tsunami and Data Deluge - plus a discussion of Microsoft NEW Office 2007 - Is Microsoft’s new ECM package in Office 2007 the answer?

  • Attendees will learn what to do to increase the efficiency of their own or their organisations information, data and records on a day to day basis
  • Attendees will learn what options are available to them as operators, managers, directors or executives to improve efficiency in this e-environment
  • Attendees will learn how to assist themselves and their organisations to be able to reduce the stress caused by the Information Tsunami and Data Deluge and manage their information, data and records more efficiently.
  • Attendees will learn what Records and Information management - RIM issues they face and how to address those issues
  • Attendees will learn how to minimise - Paper the Tyrant - and maximise imaging as a tool to foster success
  • Attendees will learn how to construct a Business Classification Scheme – BCS and create the critical building block for a successful Electronic Record & Document Management System - ERDMS implementation and resulting environment
  • Who should attend? Anyone who creates, receives or manages information no matter what the format. Executives, Directors, Managers, IT Managers, Records Managers, Information and or Document Managers, small and large Business Owners and anyone who espouses to improve their Records Management skills and awareness no matter what level position they currently hold
  • Download the registration form and attend as you will not be disappointed!
  • For further information on any training matters related to Records and Information Management please feel free to make contact with us @ Contact Us